Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Banner. Summer Reading Challenge 2022, Gadgeteers. Illustrations by Julian Beresford and Copyright The Reading Agency 2022.

Get ready for Gadgeteers, arriving online and in your local library this summer.

Science is all around you!
What do you love doing? Are you a brilliant baker? Or a mega music fan?
Are you the tech wizard amongst your friends?

Join the Gadgeteers for the Summer Reading Challenge to discover the amazing science and innovation behind the world around you, including some of your favourite things!

Curious? Perfect! Your imagination can unlock endless possibilities…
The Reading Agency is teaming up with Science Museum Group for a very special science-themed Challenge that will inspire you to use your imagination and creativity!

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What is the Challenge?

We challenge you to borrow and read 6 library books over the Summer holidays. Any children aged 4-11 can take part, you just need to be a member of the library.

All library materials count except DVDs. You read books, listen to books, use our apps to access digital books and audiobooks.  You can read about any topic, it doesn’t just have to be about space.

How the Challenge Works

Join the SRC and receive your Sticker pack and Bookmark

Read books 1 & 2 and get sticker set 1

Read books 3 & 4 and get sticker set 2

Read books 5 & 6 and get sticker set 3…and your medal and certificate!

You can only complete the challenge once, so if you read more than 6 books you are a superstar reader, but we can only give you one medal and one certificate.

This is a really exciting challenge and we hope to see you all taking part!


There are also lots of events and activities going on, visit our events page to view all our events for July and August! All our events are free, but most require a ticket. Click here to book your place on Gadgeteers events.


Visit the Activities Page to download and print puzzles, colouring in sheets and bookmarks!

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