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Overdue Items – Assumed Lost – Barred Customers

Overdue Items

With the removal of fines we have made our overdue process more robust.

Since the 5th April all borrowers will receive a;

  • Pre-overdue notice 3 days before the item is due for return by email or text (as previously)
  • 7 day overdue notice by email or text (new)
  • 21 day overdue notice by email, text or letter (as previously)
  • 35 day notice informing the user that their items are assumed to be lost and they must either return them or pay for their replacement by email, text or letter (new).

The 35 day notice is part of an automated system used widely across LibrariesWest that we have now adopted called the “Assumed lost” process

Assumed lost process

In addition to sending out the 35 day notice, Sirsi:

  1. switches the overdue items status from On loan to assumed lost
  2. automatically generates a bill for each item based on agreed average replacement costs
  3. bars the borrower.

If the borrower then returns the item, when it is discharged:

  1. The item status is switched back from lost to on shelf or in transit
  2. The related bill is automatically cancelled
  3. However, the “barred” status remains in place and must be removed by a member of staff. (Volunteers are currently unable to carry out this task on MobileStaff).

When the borrower wishes to take out new items they will need to see a member of staff to remove the barred status or the volunteer needs to record details to be passed to the coordinatos.

Please, can everyone use this opportunity to re-inforce why the barred status was applied, how easy it is to renew their items and that it is important to keep items available and in circulation.

The following table lists the amounts we are charging for lost items through the assumed lost process.

These are also the prices that should be charged if borrowers come in to report that they have lost or damaged an item.

Note for Community Libraries Re Lost or damaged items. You will need to contact the generic Community Run email address with full customer details and Helen or Lorraine will add to the customer’s account.

Sirsi Item CategorySirsi Assumed Lost
Adult Non-Fiction£9.00
Adult Fiction£9.00
Adult Reference£30.00
Children’s Reference£15.00
Children’s Book£5.00
Music CD£8.50
DVD box set£24.00
Children’s Spoken Word£8.00
Adult Spoken Word£30.00
Language Courses£36.00

Be careful! The assumed lost bills and actions DO NOT cancel or negate any other charges the borrower may have accrued so it is important to check if the borrower has other outstanding charges over £10 and deal with this as usual.

MobileStaff Guidelines

Assumed Lost item is checked in:-

screenshot of warning box with text: Warning! this item was reported as lost or assumed to be lost

Click OK. Clears status of item and money on customer’s account.

screenshot of check in screen

Need to clear barred status IF all items are returned.

How to Re-instate a User from Barred

Currently not working October 2020 – contact generic email and Helen/Lorraine will re-instate user.

User at desk wanting to check out items.

screenshot with pop-up box with text: user barred

Go to Modify User

Choose Re-instate User

Put ‘Y’ Override in box below.


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