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Twiddle Muffs and Knitted Figures!

Seven Twiddle Muffs. Knitted multicoloured sleeves with buttons, bobbles, fluffy sections and raised parts

Crafts for the Community!

Sandy Hathaway, a member of Bath Central Library’s Crochet and Knitting group Knit Two, Share One, has shared with us her latest community minded make – Twiddle Muffs!

They are sleeves that are worn over a wrist that have lots of different textures and added things to feel and play with. Designed for people with dementia, they are a brilliant way to occupy minds and hands, and they each have an extra pocket with a knitted figure inside. They are also a great way to try new stitches and patterns!

Sandy is donating these to a local care home to help the residents, which is fantastic, and if you want to donate some too we can organise for them to be passed on.

If you want to learn how to make them or find out more, come along to Knit Two, Share One in Bath Central Library or email

Little Knitted Figures

Sandy has kindly shared with us her pattern for the knitted figures, so you can have a go!

Two large and one small knitted figures. 3D figures of human shapes without faces in solid red and red/white/green mix.

Sizes: My 4-ply figure, knitted on 2mm needles measures 11 cm tall. The DK version on 3mm needles is 16cm tall and the Aran figure on 4 mm needles is 20 cm tall. My tension is quite loose so use a size larger needles or whatever is more comfortable for you. The tail lengths below are for the 4-ply version. If using a thicker wool (and producing a larger figure) make your tails slightly longer.


Leaving long tails at the start and end of your knitting to sew the pieces together with reduces the number of beginnings and ends of threads to fasten off.

Slipping the first stitch of each row (except the first row after a cast on or the beginning of a cast off) gives an easier edge for gathering up – this is useful for the head, the ends of the arms and the ends of the legs.

To gather securely (for head, hands, feet) run the thread around the row ends twice.

Arms: Cast on 22 sts. Garter stitch 12 rows. Cast off leaving a tail of approx. 25 cm.

Use the tail to gather the row ends at the end of the arm. Sew the cast on edge to the cast off edge then gather the row ends at the second end of the arm and fasten off and hide the end of the tail in the arm.

Head: Cast on 8 sts. Garter stitch 20 rows. Cast off leaving a tail of approx. 20cm.

Gather the nearest row ends (this is the top of the head). Sew the cast on edge to the cast off edge, gather the remaining row ends. Stuff lightly then pull up and fasten the stitches (but don’t cut the thread) to form the bottom of the head. Use the remaining tail to sew the head to the centre top of the arms.

Body: Leaving a starting tail of 20 cm, cast on 22 sts. You have cast on at the centre back with the tail at the right foot. Garter stitch 6 rows.

Next row: cast off 4 sts for 1st armhole, knit to end of row.

Next row: knit to end then turn and cast on 4 sts.

Garter stitch 5 rows.

Next row: cast off 11 sts for 1st leg, knit to end (11 sts).

Next row: knit 11 sts, turn and cast on 11 sts for 2nd leg.

Garter stitch 5 rows.

Next row: cast off 4 sts for 2nd armhole, knit to end of row.

Next row: knit to end then turn and cast on 4 sts.

Garter stitch 6 rows. Cast off leaving a tail of at least 30 cm (12”).

Use the starting tail to gather for the first foot and sew up the leg to the crotch. Use the finishing tail to gather for the second foot, sew up the second leg and up the back to the neck (do not fasten off). Place the arms, with head attached, in the armhole slots. Continuing with the tail from the back thread across the row ends of the right half of the back at the top, then across the front, then across the left half of the back. Pull the thread to slightly gather the shoulders. Take several stitches through the body and arms to ensure that the figure can’t be dismembered by little fingers. Fasten off and hide the end of the thread in the body.

Written by Sandy Hathaway, 2022

Future Projects

We’re planning to get involved in community projects and also make decorations for our Libraries, so watch this space!

We want everyone to get involved, even those who can’t come along to the group, so keep an eye out for calls for donations and email if you have an idea or project!

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