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The Family Travel Handbook by Lonely Planet

The family travel handbook book cover

Lonely Planet strikes again with a book quite big (you can’t put in your pocket) to help you plan your Family Holidays. Like when they did a special edition about “Exploring France”, I think this one is here to give you tips their usual editions of guidebook won’t give.

Lonely Planet has rarely tips for families, and little ones, here they try to fix this mistake by giving you a book entirely on the subject. It could help you find some ideas, plan trips, prepare the right documents , visas and know what to put in your luggage.

But what I found lazy is the fact that it is not intended as a guide for British people. Let me explain, Lonely Planet is an Australian based guidebook and clearly all the destinations they consider “low budget” are not here in the UK, but there in Australia… Or within their reach, like Hawaii, USA, etc.…

They could have made the effort to do an edition for others countries, but no, they haven’t seen the purpose of it and you end up thinking you can’t do anything cheaply because what they suggest is way out of reach. Nice to flick through but I won’t be using their advice when I will plan my next trip.

– by Emilie Bioud, Keynsham Library Assistant

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