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Murder At The Lighthouse by Frances Evesham

“Cosy crime, murder mysteries, clever animals and cake come to Exham-on-Sea, a seaside town in Somerset.” Although a murder takes place, this is still a charming and comfy story. It bowls along the lanes and streets of a sleepy Somerset village, with a colourful parade of characters. Although I found them a slight distraction as they’d remind me of my own neighbours or acquaintances, they all rubbed along and contributed to the tale. I suspect these characters and their relationships distracted me from the crime clues along the way, but for me that wasn’t a problem.

I enjoyed the setting, in rural Somerset, with the sandy beaches, rolling hills and open farmland. It was slightly odd to have familiar place names woven into the storytelling, but that was also its charm. A book full of whimsy, cakes, borrowed dogs, and an almost incidental murder, it is driven with a light, entertaining touch. It certainly lives up to its genre of Cosy Crime and is pleasingly delightful.

Reviewed by Hilary C, Midsomer Norton Library

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