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Hi Viz Fortnight, Part 2

In this post: Bag Books and Story Sacks, Living Paintings, Reading Friends and eBooks!

Bag Books and Story Sacks

For people with sensory or learning impairments, these resources can be borrowed for free from our libraries.

Bag Books: Multi-sensory story packs

These stories consist of a few lines, with every line being accompanied by some form of sensory element such as something to touch, smell, a sound or physical interaction with the story teller.

Storysacks: Story books with extra literacy development materials

Storysacks consist of a popular and well known picture book, with every story being accompanied by some form of sensory and educational element, such as puppets, props, songs and rhymes, games and literacy skills activities.

Living Paintings

Living Paintings are a postal library that is free to blind & partially sighted people in the UK. Their special Touch to See books are designed to bring the visual world to life through tactile images & audio descriptions. They have something for all ages!

Visit their website to find out more:

Reading Friends

Are you blind or partially sighted? Do you want to celebrate and share your love of reading? Reading Friends is a great opportunity to virtually socialise, meet like-minded others and have fun. We have some great volunteers ready to connect with you through reading.

Find out more here:


Have you been onto CloudLibrary yet? There are so many eBooks to for you to borrow for free. Did you know you can change the contrast or font size and use alongside screen readers?

Visit the Cloud Library website to start searching the catalogue:

Find out more about our online resources on our eResources Page

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