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The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

We have received a lot of excellent feedback from our customers about this series of books. This is the first in the Seven Sisters series.

Mia D’Apliese and her five sisters come together in their glamourous secluded castle on the shores of Lake Garda. They are together because their beloved father has died. All sisters were adopted as babies and their father’s parting gift to each of them is a tantalising clue to their true heritage.

So begins Mia’s story which takes the reader to Brazil and then to the decadent artist quarters of Paris in the 1920’s. A swirling romance with great characters and atmosphere. The customers who rave about these books always highlight the great historical details the author has given the story and I would agree.

There are five more books in the series, each about the individual five sisters. Highly recommended.

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