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The Power, by Naomi Alderman

In a really close future, due to chemical released during Second World War, girls get a power, like an electric current than run in their fingers. We follow different characters having the power and what it means to not be afraid anymore. At the beginning I thought the idea was exciting, if we reverse history and social position, what would happen if it were women who got the Power?

Even if the book starts well and develops some different ideas and directions: power in politics and in religion. I found that the author was soon over flown by the possibilities, and decided to stick to a restricted view. What could have a really well developed turns in just hatred and revenge.

I found myself shocked by the violence described and the choice to mute the voices of women who won’t have chosen those paths, it completely lacked love and empathy.

The message is clear: Women with Power are no different from Men with Power.

– Keynsham Library Staff

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