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Recycle a Book Competition: Winners

Adult Winner…

Rebecca and Anna for ‘Charm Bracelet’

Made using copies of The Big Issue

Thoughts from the Judges:

“An original and poignant statement, creatively executed and with a strong message.

“I love how intricate this entry was, so much time and effort has been put in a beautiful detailed piece.”

Child Winner…

Iris for ‘Delight and Dull’

“My book art is called ‘Delight and Dull.’ One side shows coronavirus with a mask and viruses and the other side shows happy life with some people in a boat with the sun shining.”

Thoughts from the Judges:

“Lovely bold colours and shapes, love the open book as the background to this piece.”

“Well designed and executed, lovely flowing shapes, very atmospheric while retaining the open book. Delightful.”

Congratulations to both of you!

Vouchers for Minerva Art Supplies are on their way!

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