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French Children Don’t Throw Food, By Pamela Druckerman

This little book is ever so popular among our customers, particularly the young parents eager to have a look at ways of tackling the challenge of raising their toddler. I have been asked by so many of you a point of view on the subject that I decided to have a go at it. Pamela Druckerman, journalist from New-York, moved to Paris to live with her partner Simon Kuper, British sport writer.

They became the proud parents of a little one, and facing the challenge of becoming parents they started to observe how French people raise their own children. Pamela documents most of her research on the subject of education, and explains the differences between French ways of doing and English ways.

Even though I can say that most of the things she observed are not new to me, I feel her observations are out dated. It is very true for the generation of my parents but it really died out. We all know that methods in education change as much as fashion, and today, I can say it is not the main educational technics followed by my pairs.

It is still very entertaining, but we have to face the fact that she observes a tiny bubble, Parisian women, who are not representative of the rest of the country, and she sometimes participate to build up a cliché that won’t have been there if she has not started it.

Anyway it is the closest I have come across to someone who try to understand how French are thinking. Highly recommended!

– Reviewed by a member of Keynsham Library Staff, who is from Lyons in France

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