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Forever Outnumbered; Tales Of Our Family Life, By Simon Hoper

I came across Simon Hooper’s family life because of his huge success on Instagram. He is the dad, with 800 000 followers, who takes selfies while looking after his daughters. Every photo is taken with humour, showing the chaos children bring and the difficulty to be parent.

The book is there to put words on his daily life, and it is really touching how he is involved in his dad’s role. You don’t have to agree on his parenting techniques, but it will make you laugh and realize that if you have children you might understand too well all his struggles.

It is very honest and he chose to make jokes of the situation because even if sometime you dream to lock your children in a cupboard to enjoy some “Me Time”, you still love those little demons.

Highly recommended for any future dads.

– Review by Keynsham Library Staff

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