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Make A Handprint Face!

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This 2 minute craft explains how to make a handprint face!

You will need:
– Thick paint; can be poster paints, watercolours, or any other water-based thick paint that can be washed off your hands easily!
– A paper paint or flat saucer to put the paint in.
– Felt tips
– Decorations
– Felt tips
– Glue
– Newspaper
– White paper
– Help from a grown-up


  1. Cover a table with newspaper to protect it from the paint – you may need to wear an apron or an old shirt too!
  2. Put the paint on the paper plate – use bright rainbow colours!
  3. Paint the palm (middle) of your hand and your fingers and thumbs different colours – use a brush or put your hand straight in the paint (it’s very messy!)
  4. Press your hand down flat onto the white paper firmly. Do it lots of times to make lots of prints!
  5. Leave the hand prints to dry and wash your hands!

  1. Once the prints are dry, cut them out – be careful around the fingers!
  2. Use felt tips to draw the features of a silly face. Use pom poms or screwed up tissue paper for the nose or use googly eyes if you have them!
  3. Have fun and experiment!

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