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Festive Quiz Answers!

Festive Quiz

Not done the quiz? Find it here.

Round One: Festive Fun

1. In which country was eggnog invented?

2. What are you supposed to do when you find yourself under the mistletoe?
Kiss; according to the well-known tradition, it’s bad luck to refuse a kiss beneath the mistletoe.

3. What ornaments do elves have on their shoes?

4. Which country eats the most brussel sprouts?
The Netherlands

5. By when should Christmas decorations come down, according to UK traditions?
By January 5th

6. What were the first eight reindeers?
Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Dancer, and Donder (or Donner!)

7. Which Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale inspired the movie Frozen?
The Snow Queen

8. What carol has the words fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la?
Deck The Halls

9. Which fruit is usually placed in stockings?

10. In the song, what made Frosty The Snowman come to life?
An old top hat

Round Two: Literature

  1. What is the name of Tiny Tim’s father in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?
    Bob Cratchit
  2. Where does crime writer Rebecca Tope set her Christmas Mystery?
    The Cotswolds
  3. Who is the sleuth is The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding by Agatha Christie?
    Hercule Poirot
  4. Marmee says “My girls, will you give them your breakfast as a Christmas present?” in which Louisa May Alcott novel?
    Little Women
  5. Who wrote and illustrated The Tailor of Gloucester, where the eponymous tailor had to make a waistcoat for the mayor for his Christmas Day wedding?
    Beatrix Potter
  6. What is the title of Raymond Brigg’s children book that was made into a film which has “Floating in the air” as its central song?
    The Snowman
  7. Which of Shakespeare’s plays was believed to have been written for the closing day of the Christmas season?
    Twelfth Night
  8. In the poem ‘The Night Before Christmas’, what did children have visions of?
  9. In December 1956, author Harper Lee received a rather useful Christmas present from her friends, what was it?
    It was a short note which read: ‘You have one year off from your job to write whatever you please. Merry Christmas.’ Enclosed were a year’s wages, which Lee could only accept on condition that she give up work and write for a year.
  10. Who bought which ‘adventurous bear’ in 1956? He felt sad for the teddy bear as it was the only toy left on the shop’s shelves on Christmas Eve.
    Michael Bond bought ‘Paddington Bear’ in 1956

Round Three: Picture Round Part 1

Guess The Festive Characters:

Elf; Elf on a Shelf; The Grinch; Gonzo; Scrooge; Jack Skellington

Name The Celebrity Santas:

Ed Sheeran; Dolly Parton; Elvis; Beyonce; Graham Norton; Gal Gadot; Marcus Rashford; Ru Paul

Round Four: History

  1. Who was crowned King of the Franks on Christmas Day 800?
  2. Which country launched the Christmas Offensive against Mussolini in 1935?
  3. Which “Apple” scientist was born on Christmas Day 1642?
    Sir Isaac Newton
  4. Who introduced the Christmas tree into Britain?
    Prince Albert
  5. Charlie Chaplin died on Christmas Day, but which year?
  6. Which Biblical figure is claimed to have planted the Glastonbury Thorn, a sprig of which is sent to the Queen every Christmas?
    Joseph of Arimathea
  7. In which country is Sinterklaas celebrated with the giving of gifts on the eve of St Nicholas Day on the 5th December?
    The Netherlands
  8. Which United Kingdom monarch gave the first Christmas day speech “over the airwaves” in 1932?
    King George V
  9. Which island was discovered by the Dutch on Christmas Day 1643?
    Christmas Island
  10. Who banned Christmas carols after the English Civil War in 1647?
    Oliver Cromwell

Round Five: Picture Round Part 2

Name The Festive Food:

Turkey; Pigs in Blanket; Roast Potatoes; Stuffing; Mince Pie; Christmas Cake

Guess The Festive Movie:

Die Hard; Muppet’s Christmas Carol; The Grinch; White Christmas; Last Christmas; Jingle All the Way; Arthur Christmas; Miracle on 34th Street; Home Alone; National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Round Six: Pantomimes (Oh yes it is!)

  1. In traditional pantomime Harlequin used a wooden bat as a prop. What type of comedy derived its name from this?
  2. Which London theatre put on the first British pantomime in 1716?
    Lincoln’s Inn Theatre
  3. Alibaba & the Forty Thieves, Aladdin and Sinbad the Sailor all appear as characters in a book. Name the book.
    The Arabian Nights
  4. Who is credited with playing the first Dame in the 19th Century?
    The clown Joseph Grimaldi
  5. Which pantomime character marries Alice Fitzwarren?
    Dick Whittington
  6. Maid Marion appears in a pantomime. Do you know which one?
    Babes In The Wood
  7. Who is Priscilla? Name the pantomime she appears in.
    She’s the Goose in Mother Goose
  8. Abanaza – “Boo Hiss!!!!”…. is a villain, but from which pantomime?
  9. Name the pantomime that ran for 3 consecutive years (1912, 13, 14) at the Royal Theatre, Drury Lane, London.
    The Sleeping Beauty 1912 ; The Sleeping Beauty – awakened 1913; The Sleeping Beauty – Beautified 1914
  10. Pantomime is very much an English tradition. However, its origins come from another country. Do you know where and what the travelling street theatre was called?
    Italy – Commedia Dell ’arte  in the 16th century

Round Seven: Pop Culture

Christmas Number 1’s in the UK Music Charts:

  1. Who are the only group to have four Christmas number 1s?
    The Beatles
  2. Which song has been Christmas number 1 three times – each with a different version of the ‘group’?
    Do They Know It’s Christmas?
  3. Which group had a controversial Christmas number 1 in 2009 after an anti-X Factor campaign?
    Rage Against The Machine
  4. Who gained the Christmas number 1 in 1971 with a dairy-related song?
    Benny Hill with “Ernie (The fastest milkman in the West)”
  5. The 2018 and 2019 Christmas number 1s were both about which food?
    Sausage Rolls

    Name the Christmas movie:
  6. A guy breaks 3 rules, inadvertently releasing a horde of mischievious monsters. “Bye, Billy”
  7. A young boy over-sleeps and gets left behind, chaos ensues. “Keviiiiiiin!”
    Home Alone
  8. Lots of people secretly in love with one another. Includes an airport. “Christmas Is All Around”
    Love Actually
  9. Retelling of a Classic Christmas story, Cratchit is green. “Hey, I’m being stolen!”
    The Muppet’s Christmas Carol
  10. Man, confused about his species, goes to New York to find his father. “So, good news—I saw a dog today.”

Round eight: Festive Extras

Unscramble The Festive Anagrams:

  1. Travel and dance – Advent Calendar
  2. Red Ernie – Reindeer
  3. Modestly switch aftershave – Twelve Days of Christmas
  4. Rich star meets – Christmas Tree
  5. Smashing tricks cost – Christmas Stockings

A few Extra Mince Pies:

  1. What was “‘Twas the night before Christmas” originally titled?
    “A Visit From St. Nicholas”
  2. In what decade did Coca Cola start using Santa Claus in Christmas adverts?
  3. What is the name of the dragon featured in the 2019 John Lewis Xmas advert?
    Excitable Edgar
  4. What was the name of the song used in the 2017 J Lewis Xmas advert and who sang it? Who produced the original?
    Golden Slumbers sung by Elbow. Original produced by The Beatles – a Lennon/McCartney song.
  5. What is the name of the carrot in the 2020 Aldi Christmas advert?

How did you do? Let us know on social media!

I beat the @BathnesL Festive Quiz! Follow the link to test your Christmas knowledge:


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