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Make Angel Pegs!

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Learn how to make angels from pegs!

You will need:
– Wooden ‘dolly’ pegs
– Scissors
– Paint in ‘skin tones’
– Glitter
– Glue
– Paint brushes
– Scrap paper (I’ve used old song sheets – paper bags are great too!)
– Help from a grown-up

To make:

  1. Draw three templates (to help make lots of similar angels) – a heart, a dress and wings! Cut them out and label them.
  1. Paint the top of the peg as a head and neck; leave to dry standing up!
  2. Draw on your angel’s face
  3. Choose some paper and draw around your three templates – cut out carefully!
  1. Fold the dress paper around the peg to make a cone and stick
  2. Fold the wings back and forward starting from the wider corner, like a zig zag, then fold the ends together and secure the bottom with a staple or glue (they should look like a ‘V’!)
  1. Stick your heart to the angel
  2. Put glue on the head and toes and dip in glitter
  3. To finish, tie ribbon or string to the back!

They will look great on a Christmas tree!
Have fun!

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