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Make Mermaid Pegs!

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Learn to make mermaid peg people!

You will need:
– Wooden ‘dolly’ pegs
– Scraps of fabric in blue, green or purple
– Felt in blue and green
– paint in ‘skin’ colour
– Felt tip pens
– Sequins/beads/glitter; things to decorate with!
– Scissors
– Strong glue
– Help from a grown up
– (optional: needle and thread)

To make:

  1. Paint your peg in ‘skin’ colour
  2. Use the felt tips to draw on hair, a face and shoes
  3. Brush glue on the body of the doll/peg and wrap fabric around it for a top and a skirt
  4. Using felt, cut out a pair of arms and stick them to either side of the body
  5. Decorate with beads, button, fringes, shapes and braids
  6. Leave to dry!

To make the tail:

  1. Cut two pieces of felt into a fish tail shape – make sure it’s big enough to fit around your doll!
  2. Glue the edges of the felt together – making sure to leave room for the doll and leave to dry
  3. When it is dry you can, if you want, sew a running stitch around the tail – make sure you have help with this!
  4. Decorate the tail the same way you decorated the dress and, once its dry, fit it onto your doll

Tie thread around the doll so you can hang it up- they will look great on a Christmas tree!

Have fun!

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