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Libraries Week: Staff Recommend

Libraries Week, 5-10 October 2020

Death Or Ice Cream? by Gareth P Jones

Perfect for fans of Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman. It will delight YA and Adult readers alike, especially those who like the macabre and peculiar.

Just in time for Halloween, this young adult novel features thirteen linked short stories set in the mysterious town of Larkin Mills. Larkin Mills is not ordinary town. It is a place of secrets and enigma. A place with an exquisite ice cream parlour, and awful lot of death. A place where and extraordinary mystery is beginning to unfold.

Filled with odd tales, a wry wit, and creepy adventures this book will have you sleeping with the lights on, so grab a scythe and get ready for a frightful read.

Death or Ice Cream? by Gareth P Jones
Death or Ice Cream? by
Gareth P Jone
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