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12 More Recommended Reads on eAudiobook

All of these eAudiobooks are available for free through Borrowbox!

Press the button above to start listening, or click on the book titles to find out more

covers for books listed below

  1. Conjure Women, by Afia Atakora
  2. 10 Minutes 38 Second In This Strange World, by Elif Shafak
  3. Black Sunday, by Tola Rotimi Abraham
  4. The Emperor’s Babe, by Bernadine Evaristo
  5. Grand Union Stories, by Zadie Smith
  6. Love Her Or Lose Her, by Tessa Bailey

covers for books listed below

  1. Meta Human, by Deepak Chopra
  2. Close Case, by Alafair Burke
  3. The Colour Purple, by Alice Walker
  4. Recipe For Persuasion, by Sonali Dev
  5. Eternally Yours, by Brenda Jackson
  6. My Darling From The Lions, by Rachel Long

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