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Libraries Week: Staff Recommend

Libraries Week, 5-10 October 2020

Eat, by Nigel Slater

I’m not really one for TV cookery shows as I find them too showy and dramatic. In 2011 chef Nigel Slater filmed a series for the BBC which seemed to buck the trend of these overtly bright and fast-paced shows.

He filmed ‘Simple Cooking’ and boy was I hooked. An oasis of calm and tranquillity (helped by an artisan, muted coloured kitchen and pantry) of considered yet casual cooking.

Eat was published a few years later, in 2013 and I was originally drawn to the book because it’s small (easy to flick through), has a nice type face and is ochre in colour- very on trend. The full title is ‘Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food’ and I must admit once you’ve done the obligatory peeling and chopping, all the recipes I’ve tried have been pretty speedy. My mouth is watering as flick through the pages to mention some for this review – aubergine curry, spiced eggs with squash and lentil bolognese have all been superb and very simple to construct

Lots of meat and fish recipes are featured, as well as Italian, Asian and desert dishes. Slater is such a wordsmith, as you can read from the introduction, but recipe instructions are kept to short paragraphs making them easy to follow. For a small book I’ve found it serves up big results.

Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food by Nigel Slater
Eat: The Little Book of
Fast Food by
Nigel Slater
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