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Jo Nadin

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Every Saturday morning my dad would drop me off in our town Corn Exchange, which doubled as a community centre and library, and leave me between the stacks of Pullein-Thompsons and Enid Blytons while he did the shopping.

This is where I went on adventures, fought pirates, sided with smugglers, worked out what kind of person I wanted to be when I grew up.At the time, thought that was ‘someone in a book’. Now, I write my own stories to play out…

Without libraries I wouldn’t be a writer – we didn’t have the money for the number of books I needed to read as a child. As it was, the children’s section ran out of reading material for me and I became one of few pre-teens allowed access to the adult floor (approved sci-fi only).

Books offer children the world inside their pages, they offer opportunity and ambition, and only libraries can ensure that’s equally available to every child, not just those who can pay.

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