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Britain eMagazine

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Britain magazine, available to read digitally at RBdigital UK. In this May edition, Britain magazine offers many great stories for you to peruse.

To honour the NHS, they focus on the life of the most celebrated English nurse: Florence Nightingale.

To celebrate VE Day and 75 years of the end of WWII in Europe they provide an article about the life of Winston Churchill and two emblematic houses attached to the legendary Prime Minister. They also share the story of Pat Davies who worked for the secret services and helped to translate German codes that proved crucial in winning the war.

There is a beautiful feature which lets you explore UK heritage towns and castles including Hastings, Manchester, Pembrokeshire and Harrogate.
I was fascinated by a tale of Dickens’ London, the story of the real-life Alice who inspired Lewis Carroll to write ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and an exhibition at Hampton Court that sounded excellent, ‘The Field of Cloth of Gold’, Henry VIII’s legendary encounter with his great rival François I of France. The exhibition has been postponed due to Covid19; however, you can still learn about the encounter through interacting with a painting depicting the scene here.

Britain magazine certainly has a lot to offer in this edition and showcases a real variety of interesting places you may have overlooked within the UK.

– Review by staff at Keynsham Library

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