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The Mask Of Aribella, By Anna Hoghton

mask of arabella book cover

A spooky and magical adventure in the heart of Venice in Italy, featuring the main character Aribella who is just about to turn thirteen. What she discovers, however, is a secret power that is only meant to come to light just before your thirteenth birthday.

Her power is shooting fiery flames from her fingers and that is only when she gets triggered when she is made angry by something or someone else. After this secret comes to light, Aribella finds herself on the run and her father locked away in prison.

On her running away travels, she meets a hidden organisation that is filled with heroes all wearing special masks and having a variety of skills. Together, all of them must protect Venice from all forms of evil, especially from the notorious Island of the Dead.

A thrilling and fun journey among the Italian backstreets and perfect for fans of Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart series.

Review by A. Hack

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